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Typeface for web,
print and more.

We design and develop custom typefaces to enable more brands of communicating better with their audience and having a distinctive identity both online and offline.

Get recognized easily

Have a one of a kind typeface where every letter is tailored to help you express your essence. So when you type across platforms and mediums, your audience can easily know that it's you.

Communicate consistently

Create it once and use always. Typefaces doesn’t only help you get recognized, but lets your brand communication be consistent.

Have a global language

Whether typing in English, Arabic or any other language, make sure that your international users can recognize your identity anywhere around the world with a unified type system.

Our library

Explore Baianat library of fonts and discover the variant font families we created. From serif to mono, Arabic or English, we considered legibility and readability standards to design highly functional typefaces.

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