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Manage your business
with Odoo solutions.

Odoo is a smart management solution that would help you scale your business operations and streamline your activities in different departments including manufacturing, finance and accounting, purchase, sales, warehouse, and HR among others.

Why convert to Odoo?

Wide popularity

Odoo is used by many businesses around the world from different sizes and types which males suitable forever business case.

Thousands of modules

With many ready-to-use modules, Odoo is highly customizable for your business needs.

Cloud Based

Manage your data business anywhere around the globe with a solution that can be easily accessed from any device.

Comprehensive system

Centralize your business and align your department's work using a system that works on one database.

Experience Odoo customizations.

We provide customization for different services and industries based on the gap analysis and business requirements.

Odoo for agencies

Organize the work inside your agency. Manage your human resources, financial reporting and day-to-day operations.

Odoo for manufacturing

Automate your business manufacturing processes and run your factory in a smart manner whether you are working in IT manufacturing, wood, plastic or other.

Odoo for retail

Create better customer experiences through a point of sale system that facilitates your operation in stores.

Odoo for warehouse and inventory

Manage your inventory in a smart manner and customize your operations process.

Odoo for sales

Reduce your churn rate and optimize your sales funnel for better conversion rates through process automation.

Odoo for education

Whether a school or a training center, Odoo lets you manage your operations from teachers to students and lecturers.

Various integrations for extra options.

Payment gateways

Extend your system functionalities through payment gateways integration including Paypal, square and more.

Shipping integrations

Add the shipping and delivery features to your system and track orders in a more accurate manner.

Accounting integrations

Have a system that integrates seamlessly with your current accounting systems and sync your data across the organization.

Call centre integrations

Cnertrzlize the communication with your customers and generate reports that helps you in building long term relationships with your clients.

Consultations that help you thrive.

Functional consulting

Making sure your system matches the business needs and the planned features.

Solution reinvention.

Whether you would like to revamp your old version or continue with a project that you started already, we help start from where you left according to your business needs.

Technical consulting

Examining your current system, understanding your business needs then planning and coding the necessary fixes for your system

Services for every need.


Developing custom Odoo solutions with a user-friendly interface and using the latest technologies to boost your business performance.

Support and maintenance

Starting from bug fixes, to customization and documentation, we help you across the different aspects of the system problems.

Store development

Build up your online presence through Odoo store development that helps you drive higher revenue rates.

Module development

Creating the features you need and doesn’t exist in Odoo system and matching it with your industry specifications.

Theme development

Building themes that support both of your backend and frontend and takes into account the user experience.

Making you the Odoo you need.

Requirement analysis

Outlining the project scope and the needed features that would support your business operations.

Customization and development

From the design customization to the development process, we code the Odoo solution with the necessary modules.

Data migration

Transferring your old data whether from old Odoo versions, excel files or software to the new developed solution.


Making sure that solution is stable and ready for launch with no errors or missing features.

Custom your Odoo