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Get a point of sale
that understands
your needs.

Multiple payment methods

We develop solutions that support multiple payment methods and elevate your indoor experience.

Interface accessibility

Easily access products and create invoices with an interface designed with accessibility in mind.

Refunds management

Manage refunds with no hassle. Keep track of your store credit and provide an enhanced customer experience.


Validate users’ access and supervise your information with security and authorization features.

Customer management

Capitalize on your database knowledge and frequent client’s history to create loyalty and lead generation programs.

Custom POS development

Bring flexibility to your payment system and enhance both your workflow and customer experiences with a custom and feature-rich point of sale solutions that takes your business needs into account.

Inventory management

Creating inventory systems to help you count your stock and manage your warehouse. WIth features like RFID, barcodes and QR scanners, you can sync inventory across all your multiple channels and ensure an effective and easily updated racking system.

Mobile payment systems

As everything is going mobile, we develop mobile apps that can be easily integrated with your POS so you could use less hardware and take payments on the move.

Analytics & Reporting

Empowering your decision making and process vetting with automatic reports that lets you know where you stand from your KPIs through a detailed analytics dashboard.

Payment Processing Services

With custom terminals, we make sure you process all types of payments seamlessly starting from cash, EBT, cheques, mobile payments, and credit among others.

Third party integration

End-to-end development that solves integration issues with solutions that support both payments methods and other third-party POS software modules.

POS accounting

Doing your book recordings from the POS through an integrated accounting system that helps you track your revenues and manage your expenses.

Online POS software

Get a POS that is linked to the web and access it from anywhere with custom modules for touch-tone processing.

Integrate a POS into
your enterprise.