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The values behind
our culture.


Authenticity is the core value in Baianat and we believe that the road towards achieving it is hard, expensive but worth the while. And since we want to write our own story, this value impacts everything we do as Baianat players.

Our commitments
in authenticity.


We don’t copy code, steal art, plan similar strategies or imitate other companies technologies. We have our own recipes in cooking and every piece of the client’s is done in house, always.


Since it’s our duty to carry knowledge to further generations, it’s also our duty to evaluate our sources and learn only through an authentic path even if it takes more time. We believe that speaking on stage is a responsibility that requires deep knowledge not just some blog posts.


We don’t just partner with any client. First, we make sure that we share the same values, then we validate the project idea. If it’s going to fail, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate clients on what they are missing to succeed.


We believe that organizations should be open with no military secrets that’s why we are fostering a family culture and a no door policy. We don’t believe in barriers and prefer two-way conversations.

Our commitments
in transparency.


Even if the truth is not in our best interest, we are committed to being honest with our clients and collaborating on fixing issues whenever they arise.


Everyone in side Baianat is encouraged to maintain a transparent communication with each other, community and clients.


Through many initiates, programs and events we try to bring what’s behind the scenes in Baianat kitchen to the community. Once we learn something new, you can find us in deep search for a way to present it to the community.


We believe that a culture of innovation requires different perspectives to flourish so aim for equity in opportunities to provide each team player with the resources needed to unleash his/her full potential. In Baianat, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed just like the outside world.

Our commitments
in diversity.


In our collaborations, we look for challenges and promising ideas around the world and consider our clients as long term partners who share us the same dreams of making people’s lives easier and building a better future for all humans.


Baianat culture promotes diversity and encourages everyone to bring themselves into work everyday. Our workplace culture was created to promote diversity and bring all the creative minds together under one roof.


While driving our services, we make sure that the work produced is convenient for everyone and doesn’t promote hatred or evoke negative feelings.


Our recruitment policy ensures that Baianat environment is always diversified and that our hiring operations are done with no bias based on gender, religion or any other basis.