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Bold. flexible.

Get started with Base design system.

Unique color palettes to suit every taste and need.

Express your huge ideas with custom tiny pixels.

Customize the design then Copy the code. No need for writing.

Express your vivid ideas with bold and colorful identity.

Write beautifully with text that matches your identity.

Access more

Access more resources, articles and helpful materials in fields of technology, design, code, and business.

Explore projects and tools made by Baianaters for the world.

Base essence and core

Abstracted as we brought everything back to its original shape for the sake of minimalism.

Functionality over aesthetics as we chose the easiest way not the most beautiful one.

Achieving accessibility so everyone can enjoy the same experience while interacting with base.

Get to know more about the culture behind Base design team and read the inside stories.

Using our design system to create a functional and abstarted brand for Baianat.