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Cairo, Egypt

Being at the heart of Egypt, our Cairo office is where we are always delighted to have our partners to discuss future collaborations and have some tea. Cairo team are mainly developers and business geeks who carry Baianat DNA to the capital.

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Human Recources

Communicate with other players and develop the best paths to push their progress and make them more productive.


Study your market and know your audience well, then spread your message through creative campaigns that based on strategic plans.

Branding designer

Coveys brand essence and business goals in solid visual concepts that stand still again the test of time, and communicates with the target audience emotions.

DevOps Engineer

Manage all the cloud and infrastructure needed for the best software launch in order to support all business in its journey

Back-End Developer

Develop solutions with the focus on logic and users, not code and technicalities to generate familiar products for end-users.

We are looking for ambitious partners from around the world to join our journey and add to our culture of innovation.

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