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One disk to
keep your files

Disk is a file browser that lets you keep track of your documents in one place.


Organize your files and folders using Disk and make sure your uploaded images are properly optimized using a built-in image optimization.

Stay organized

Choose between different sorting options and filter your files for better file management.


Create as many folders and directories as you like to properly nest your data according to your needs.


Take full control

Upload, edit, move your files to have the structure you desire.

Image compression

Crop your images and resize them for further optimization of your media before you upload them to your severs.

File viewer

Disk Comes with a file viewer that supports different formats for a quick file preview. All files can be download directly with one click.

Powerful Search

Reach your files in an instance with an integrated search features to look through the different files and folders on Disk.

Share and access files
everywhere, anytime.