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Android meetup.

Android meetup is a gathering for geeks who are coding mobile solutions and mainly leveraging the Android tech. It's the home where we can share and showcase our last findings and challenges.

Why we are holding this meetup?

As we go through many projects in different industries and scales of operations, we wanted to share that with the community of Android developers and allow for knowledge sharing.

The meetup will be focusing mainly on logic and problem solving techniques rather than code writing in order to ensure a better experience for developers.

The meetup agenda

App architecture

Building an app from scratch is definitely easy. On the other hand having to rebuild an active app with thousands of downloads could be tricky. That’s why we are sharing our insights on App architecture in this session.

Using dagger in depency

Recently, technology has been essential in building application. We take through our experience with it and showcase some of the projects in which we utilized it in our codelabs.

App performance

Discussions on the best technologies available to provide a better experience for customers especially in complex applications.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

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be open soon.