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Branding meetup

Branding is not about advertising strategies or visuals. It’s an asset for business support. In our meetup, we are trying to explore branding from a different perspective and think of visuals from the lens of business goals. That’s how we can assure the creation of effective brands that connect emotionally with customers and turn businesses into lovable brands.

Why we are holding this meetup?

The main purpose behind holding this meetup is spreading awareness about the true essence of reading. Recently we have seen a great misconception that considers branding as a logo design or visuals, meanwhile it’s all about strategy and interpretation of the business goals into signals that customers would love and connect with.

During the meetup, we will be tackling topics that are diverse and linking branding to other related sciences that we believe any brand visual designer who wants to become a true brand strategist must be aware of.

Topics of the agenda

Brand management

Discussions on keeping consistency and translating the business essence into brand signals and techniques of controlling perception in the market.

Brand identity design

Walking you through the brand concept creation and how to gather the imagery, typography and other visual elements to create a certain mood.

Industry based branding

Sharing our insights and best practices on branding for certain industries and having an open discussion about the possibility of integrating some art schools and directions into specific industries.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

Registration will
be open soon.