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Business meetup

Gathering business enthusiasts from different territories for insightful conversations and sharing the tools, reports and insights we have found along the way. We mix fun with real cases and business with other related sciences to create a comprehensive business experience.

Why we are holding this meetup?

As the business field is getting more foggy everyday and access to authentic resources is becoming harder, we wanted to create a community where real business practitioners can share real experience and talk about their concerns and thoughts on the future of business.

Every community gathering is not only an opportunity for us to share and bond more with business enthusiasts, but also a good opportunity for both you and us to kick off projects and collaborations with like minded people.

Topics we are excited about

Business development

Introducing you to our latest findings of growth hacking and the techniques that would accelerate business growth.


Sharing our digital marketing insights and the hacks that worked best for our campaigns while supporting brands to have an online presence.

Organization design

Getting into detailed conversations on organization design and how it impacts all aspects of modern businesses.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

Registration will
be open soon.