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Digital marketing

Digital marketing has been transformed from a scientific topic into a job. Our goal is to bring it back to its origin. Through talks and conversations with digital marketing gurus, we hope to widen your horizon to discover the full possibilities of digital marketing.

Why we are holding this meetup?

Recently digital marketing has been summarized in ads and social media, while its a science of strategy and tactics. Through our meetups, we hope to focus more on the logic and strategy not the channels through which a brand should be passing the signals and turn digital marketing from generic assumptions into a measured and scientific field.

The meetup also aims to link digital marketers with Baianat and each other to formulate a common understanding of the digital marketing challenges and starting kicking off initiatives to come up with solutions.

The meetup agenda

Digital marketing strategy

We perceive digital marketing as a tool that helps in business goals achievement. That’s why creating a digital marketing strategy is important for aligning efforts and is an area of focus in our meetup.

Analytics and tools

Having data without knowledge of how to use it is a waste of resources. Through the analytics talks, we get into the details of reports creation and the tools we use for analyzing our efforts.

Marketing channels

Exploring the new channels of digital marketing and studying the audience of each with a focus on updates and latest trends of integration.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

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