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JS meetup.

JS meetup is a single day, one track event with topic focused sessions and challenging environment that encourages developers to think on their feet and question the status-quo. The meetup is also a good chance for networking with JS experts in the community.

Why we are holding this meetup?

By working on many projects using JS, we started formulating our own doctrine and discovered some secrets that we would love to share with the community hoping it could solve an issue or help them scale their operations and build more reliable solutions faster.

The meetup agenda

Security in JS

As the main concern for project owners and most developers, security is the main topic we are going to discuss in JS meetup by sharing our developing experience in this era and gathering community input on their hacks as well.

Design systems

Save more of your time and effort and start building solutions by building your own components using JS. During the talk we will walk you through our journey of building our own design system from research to finalization and launch covering both design and development stages.

JS and accessibility

Learn how you could contribute for a better online user experience by building solutions that are accessible to all users. Through the talk, we will introduce you to many tools and methods we use internally for maintaining accessibility.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

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