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Product design

Learn more on how to develop ideas that becomes part of people's lifestyle. From deep understanding of the product functions to designing the whole experience and packaging, we walk you through our journey in product design field and introduce you to our tools and best practices.

Why we are holding this meetup?

Product design is becoming more about the aesthetics of design and simplicity is mixed with minimalism. And to fight these wrong mindsets and prove that product design is not a one time shot, we are bringing the best product engineers in house for experience sharing and enlighting conversations.

The meetup agenda


Studying the user behaviors and interactions with machines and gadgets is essential for building functional experiences. And to do that properly, we will be walking you through a solid background on ergonomics and how it impacts your design.

Industrial design

Giving you a tour on mechanics and how deep understanding of machine ways of working could deeply impact its design.

Design thinking

Get to know how innovation happens and refactor its elements to come up with your own design thinking approach.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

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be open soon.