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Type design

Type design is a process of art and engineering. Every pixel matters for font uniqueness and legibility. During the meetup, we will be sharing the summary of our exploration in the field and the rare How-to techniques that we found out.

Why we are holding this meetup?

We are kicking off this meetup to create a type design community and break the taboo of type design being an impossible field to enter. We are also trying to bridge the gap between type design and other fields and encourage more people to take initiatives in towards enriching the arabic type design.

We also would love to highlight some resources that we believe would help any type designer kick off in this field and start with his foundry project.

The meetup agenda

Type design hacks

Although some of these hacks are basics, they are usually misunderstood or forgotten during the design process. During the meetup we are going to introduce some hacks that helped us speed up the process of creating new design types and coding it.

Arabic Vs. Latin

Sharing arabic and latin font matching experience, highlighting the differences in every language and addressing the main challenges of letters.

Type design in branding

Some brands rely solely on typography. And when using a custom font, this adds a lot to the uniqueness of the brand. However, creating a custom type for a brand requires deep understanding of its business and brand essence. During this talk, we will highlight the main areas of focus on which a type designer should focus on while working for a brand.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

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