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User experience

Baianat user experience meetup aims to set the standards for designers and point out the myths that designers believed for ages. Through the event, we want to bring back UX as a science of reports and analytics that is more focused on functionality and accessibility not just aesthetics.

Why we are holding
this meetup?

Community debates on whether UI is part of UX or vice versa are taking up much while the important topics that every UXer should be focusing on are having less attention. Through our meetup, we are trying to shed some light on advanced techniques and insights that we gathered over years of design projects.

The meetup is meant to be scientific with no bias to a certain technique without an evidence of efficiency to make sure everything shared is meeting the international standards and valid for different mindsets and both mental and behavioral models.

The meetup agenda


Going through the latest reports on user behaviour and showcasing how that would impact the interaction design process.

UX and analytics

Learn how to read your user sessions probeley and where to look for modifications in order to increase sales, convert more users or build a fanbase.

Industry based UX

Be familiar with the different industries realities and the best practices for each one online. From ecommerce to healthcare apps, we share with you our latest findings in every interaction experience.

Design systems

As the future of design is heading towards design systems, we will take you on a journey on how to build one and how ours was formed from concept to components research and finalization.


Mostafa Wahba

Ahmed Alaa

Mohamed Ahmed

Registration will
be open soon.