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Powerup your

Cairo, Late 2019.

Have an exciting idea?
Let’s meet then!

Sprint is your ideal opportunity to meet and engage with like minded entrepreneurs who share your visions and ambition for building a remarkable startup in the digital world.

Solo spaces

One to many spaces where presenters and keynote speakers gather to share their own experiences and answer your burning questions.

Startup fair

Apply what you learned right away. Participate in the fair for three days and consistently and present your enhanced idea to potential audience and investors.

Digital experts

Because the digital reality is different, we bring you a specialists only in the field to support you in almost every industry- from Ecommerce to productivity apps.

The perks of

Fund Opportunities

Prove your business powers and turn investors eyes. Get a booth in the startup fair for an opportunity to spread your idea further and get instant community feedback.

Making Knowledge

Be the joker of your business. Attend for different speakers and in variety of tracks. Collect various perspectives and align your next big moves.

Connections Building

Network and have insightful conversations with other teams. Enjoy the solo conversation spaces with experts and keynote presenters from various industries.

Fun and Gathering

Celebrate what you have reached so far. Get some time to recharge and get back with game changing plans that turn tables around.

Keynotes and

Day 1 - Ideate & Prototype

Understanding your business

Strategy comes first

The MVP concept

Acting as a sole leader

Day 2 - Build and beta launch

Design in the digital era

Building A PMF

A journey in your customer mind

Developing your solution

Day 3 - Iterate and launch

Analytics as a friend

Optimizing your performance

Making the buzz

What talks you want
to be part of?

Share your expectations.

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