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GUI apple watch

36 Flat photoshop elements can be used easly in watch applications designand help you as analysis when you start to design the applications

PSD - Sketsh


Apple watch

Apple Watch display is only 1.5 inches which is a very small space to design for, so, we took this challenge to come up with a suitable interactive design for the Apple Watch display size and also for the human who is using it.

Gradients pallets

Colors pallets


Since that it is a small display size, only 1.5 inches, we don’t have to use large or unsuitable fonts, the original Apple Watch are using SF Contact font, so we’ve used Roboto font in our design as it is very close to it and very suitable for these small devices.

Roboto Light




36 Screen

36 different screens for different applications and usages.

41 Wire icons

We have used wired icons as they are the most suitable.

53 Elements

Buttons, loader, icons… and more different GUI elements.

Free GUI Apple watch
for designers and

Elegant Look

Simple and elegant look for a smartwatch that helps you fulfill your work.

Interactive Design

Not only attractive, but also a interactive that keeps you away from getting bored.


It's all about Human, this is our main rule when implementing any project.

Keep Close

Apple Watch keep you close to your work to fulfill it faster and smarter too.



Free GUI Apple

For all developers and designers enjoy now this redesign concept for Apple Watch GUI with all its icons, forms and elements.