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Revolutionizing the
education experience.


Building platforms with smart learning path systems and courses tracking admin panel so you could measure and enhance your educational materials.

Mobile app

Similar to Duolingo or even more complex, we enable mobility in learning through apps that reduce courses bounce rate and encourages learning with gamifications features.

Educational institutions

From schools, colleges and training centers, we build custom software solutions that lets you track your students ‘progress and manage your HR challenges.


From the seal to the official cheerleaders custom, we design every touch point in the educational system to be aligned, modern and suitable for educational purposes.

We believe in alternative learning power.

Everyday, the gap between what students need to learn and the delivered education increases. And to close it, alternative learning platform started to appear making it possible for people from different ages and cultural backgrounds to learn the skills they need at any age with no restrictions.

This powerful trend inspired a lot of specialized educational platforms. From design to development and business, we work with only authentic bci educators to help them spread their knowledge and benefit humanity as we believe one piece of information could mean a proper life for one human.

Design a better
learning experience.