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Organizational culture

As a cultural business, we face a lot of challenges both internally and externally. And in that sense, we imagine that other businesses trying to adopt a similar approach are struggling to create an innovative environment and encourage their players. 

In this book, we tried to tackle organizational culture from a branding perspective. Since the organization is the sum of its internal team, we hope this book inspires leaders to think of their team members as brand signals.

Thinking about how people talk to each other, the level of conversations between team members, the dress code if there is any, and the way problems are handled. These are not only part of the organizational culture, but also aspects that directly related to the brand.

Unlike many organizational culture books, we didn’t tackle the basics of leadership and management. Instead, we went deeper into topics that are more scientific in organizational structure, organizational behavior..etc.

The book starts with an introduction on what is organizational culture and what it means from a branding perspective and answers questions like:

Is there a way to create an organizational culture or it just happens?

And does it affect the productivity of the team players? And to what extent?

Can a strong culture be a barrier of innovation, and if true, is there a way to solve it?

Digging more in organizational culture made us discover lots of theories and point of views from industry leaders, whether companies or individuals. As the research continued, we managed to reinforce our studies with actionable details.

After all, we can agree that stability in work environment doesn’t come from a disciplined management system alone, it’s a result of a responsible team as well. That’s what we hope this book will inspire you to create.


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