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Elegant admin panel.







Dark theme

Diverse components

Board comes with plenty of components, ready to be part of your next dashboard layout.

Consistent Design

Sticking to Board will make your dashboard look and feel consistent, since it’s all implemented using our Blexar design system.

+800 Icons

Enjoy a variety of neatly-crafted icons made for different occasions. The icons provided in Board are part of Blexar framework and come in both outlined and filled formats.

Time saving

Construct your UI by putting Board components together. You will find all you need and more at your fingertips.

Visualize with Charts

Board comes with various chart components for better demonstration of different statistics to be laid in your UI.

Inclusive Datatables

Display your data in an organized manner and have full control over it for both client and server side processing.

Highlighting brand

Set the theme color and logo according to the brand you are building the dashboard for to achieve a personalized look and feel.

Alternative dark theme

There is a dark theme of Board that packs a different taste. More themes will follow in the future as well.

Incorporated Libraries

Find different third party libraries; including editors and input components, styled to fit with Board’s ecosystem.

Experience elegance
with Board.

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