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Baianat design system, Base

Baianat design system, Base

Baianat team has been working in the field of design for years, beginning with interactive designs, business identity design, graphic design and other design services that support business. A lot of questions and inquiries were being distributed among the team members, and their urgent need arose to create Baianat system that served as guidance for all developers, designers and content writers.

Create a unified experience

Many people consider design system as something of a luxury and it is not important at all, but it is important to help developers and designers stay on the same line and see things from one perspective and lens for better communication.

In the past, keeping short conversations with each other was easy, a document containing all the details were enough to create an internal project. While now it is different as the team expands, the talks have lost their strength and are no longer effective.

Without a platform in place, there was a diversity of vision in work performance between the teams; because everyone was doing things differently but they were unique and high quality, but wanted to continue the unique way the team did the same thing but more systematically.

Design system is the best way for them to support the whole team innovation, so it becomes an inspiration not only to guide writers, designers and developers.

Building the system

While Baianat making their design system, there are three basic concepts that guide the design process: flexibility is one of the most important concepts in Baianat; their primary goal is to build a design that fits all the needs of each design so that they do not start over each time while creating a product or a project. The second concept, the audacity that emerged through the color scheme and the large texts on which they relied on Punt, is their special line. The third and last concept, is abstraction where all images and texts and almost all elements of Baianat design have been restored to their original form; for simplicity.

The design system currently consists of guidelines that control accessibility, color, content, typography, and network usage. System images include illustrations, graphics and more than 1,600 icons. As a start, the design system includes 14 components to help developers and designers into Baianat in the process of creating sites, desktop applications and mobile.

Continuous iterations

The current version of Baianat design system resulted of many of the processors, tests and prototypes made by the team.

When the team started working on the design system, the first thing was to conduct an in-depth look at design system and how to build it, so that they would be familiar with all aspects of design systems.

These research and treatments have not stopped until now, meaning that Baianat layout system will be updated with each new discovery or piece of information the team finds.

Baianat has created the system of design to support its brand and achieve its business objectives, which means that the design system may not be appropriate for any identity. However, the design system from within Baianat open sources, they can be accessed through GitHub, where Baianat listen to others opinions as well as the vision of many companies working on their own design system.

Baianat design system is specially created in order to help developers and designers to stay on the same line and see things from a single lens perspective.