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Hubs .. from Baianat to the world

Hubs .. from Baianat to the world.

Belonging to a technical community gave Baianat a realistic view of the current issues that face the people working in the field. Things like struggling to come up with a unique color palette, or having to write the same code for every project and even getting lost in strategy templates.

These issues faced Baianat designers, developers, and strategists alike. That’s why they started thinking critically about relieving those pains once and for all. Some of the solutions came out as projects and tools while others were an output for the thinking and sharing it was a duty to inspire the world, change a culture or make an impact.

Later on, all of these projects were collected under one place named Hubs. So everyone can dive deeper to find the tools they need for accelerating their processes. Hubs was meant to be updated regularly so it’s an ongoing project in which Baianat team collaborates with the community to bring more creative work and promising ideas into the world.

For instance, designers can access Resources to find a lot of downloadable icons, UI Kits, Mockups and other types of materials that were designed and will be continuously updated to remain relevant to current community needs.

Moving to the developers community, and as we believe in the power of open source in moving communities ahead, a lot of Open Source projects were made on the run to accelerate the process of development.

In addition, Baianat team created diverse tools to help everyone along the process. For making sure that everything falls in place, Grid maker and Aspect ratio tools were created to provide a fast calculation method for designers and developers. They can be easily integrated with AI, PS or downloadable as PNG.

Contrast calculator is also a tool for both designers and developers that helps in the creation of accessible designs. The tool will calculate the contrast ratio displaying whether the status is good or bad for the user to read. It basically works as a validation for the color selection of backgrounds and texts and helps in the creation of colorful, yet functional designs.

And for strategists, a word counter tool was created to help them write better for SEO, Facebook, and Twitter. The tool contains a characters and words counter, in addition to a keyword identifier that helps you capitalize on  the most important keywords related to your topic.

Hubs is also the place for Baianat Ideas, where we share our mega internal projects with the community. For instance, we have Colors. Colors doesn’t only contain new color combinations, it also contains the ratios designers should be coloring with. So in the next illustration piece, they will no longer be puzzled by how much blue should be added to keep the design balanced. By clicking on the color, it’s snapped easily snap into the clipboard and ready to use it in Ai or PS projects.

There are also Doodles, which was built to be a large inspiration library. It contains a collection of unique visual combinations from different art schools. They are applicable to social media projects or even brand identities. Assuming that designers already came up with a unique identity, posters could help them visualize and complete the overall look and feeling they came up with. Designers are free to crop, change colors and even copy certain elements from different graphics to create something that matches with their overall identity.

Finally, there is an entire Atlas inside Hubs that functions as a wiki to provide everyone in the field of creative technology with the basic information needed. Atlas is divided into various categories, including quotes, where you can find inspirational sayings by the leaders in the field. Leaders, so you get a hint about whom to follow for updates and latest news. In addition, there is a huge glossary that contains all the important and essential keywords for professionals of any field.

In case you are a strategist, there is a calendar of the most important events of the year on a global level so you don't miss anything on social media. And to make sure that everything we read internally is never lost or wasted, we made briefs to contain summaries of the books we have read.

And for designers, we created Arts to be a destination for those who are looking for art origins and feel creative enough to come up with their own versions.

And since our mission at the core contains the support for online Arabic content, we planed Abjad to be the real helper for Arabic content creators.

Hubs will be under development and updates. The more comments Baianat gathers, the more it will be able to create more tools and projects out of inspiration. As mentioned earlier, Atlas is a shared project between Baianat and the whole world.