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Launching Baianat Academy

Launching Baianat Academy

Baianat has a mission of spreading awareness and sharing its knowledge for the worlds. As one of the deeply held principles of the company in teaching everything they learn the idea of Academy emerged from the desire in providing real value and directly engaging with the community.

Every year a lot of students from different collegesranging from applied arts to computer engineeringapply to join Baianat training program. And because quality can't be guaranteedwith huge number, we wanted to have he same impact but on larger group.

Academy was founded for both students and design, code, technology, and business enthusiast who are looking for an authentic through which they can download materials and learn by following consolidated tracks.

The perks of the academy is that it links both the academic and scientific knowledge to real and on ground experience. Students of the academy will enjoy the materials provided whether videos, podcasts, templates, books or any type of resources in addition to real case examples in which they can apply what they learned.

The Academy contains two main learning methods, offline and online. The online academy contains courses and videos that are put together by Baianat team. These material the on which the team studied already inside Baianat and is working according it on every project. And the offline contains workshops and events which the online the audience are invented to participate in.

These events will be a good opportunity for Baianat students community to meet and for Baianat team to get in touch with the community and share the interesting findings as well.

As Baianat will never trade knowledge, the academy is free and will be always this way for all the students out there in the world. The materials will be also updated regularly. The students of the academy cam be also internal team members of Baianat as the materials are enough for anyone to understand the culture that Baianat adopts in its production and put anyone on the right track of kicking off their career.

There are no requirements for joining Baianat academy. As long as the person applying is willing to learn and will dedicate time, they can always enroll anytime and pick the field they are most interested about.

The academy has four main majors:


In the code major, we will be providing both tutorials for building desktop, mobile and web projects using cutting edge technology and working on eCommerce, ERP and other projects that are required mostly

Solving with you all the code issues that arise. And to spread the culture of open source among the new generations, there will be open source initiatives and even tournaments through which the students are encouraged to solve programming dilemmas.


For the business section, we will be providing the fundamentals everyone need in the business field including tracks in marketing, PR, TM, PM in addition to other fields. These tracks will include real cases, case studies and templates for the implementation as well.


For technology, the focus will be on how to possibly utilize technology to boost businesses by integrating big data and analytics, XR, IoT and other technologies. The academy will contain projects which you can implement and directly work on using programs and the tutorials provided.


The design academy will have tracks related to branding, interaction design, product design, type design, advertising and animation. These tracks will include open PSD, Xd, AI and other files for the projects that we worked on and by the end of every lesson, students will have a task to accomplish

After taking the academy track, the student get a certification of compilation for joining the program and just like those who attended the training in person on campus. All the material shall be updated regularly with the latest stacks, templates and findings of Baianat team.

The enrollment will be opened officially soon but you can always visit the Academy page for more information ;)