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Preparing for Cairo office

Preparing for Cairo office

Baianat is a multidisciplinary company with a detail oriented mentality. It consists of +50 minds who operate across design, code, business and technology.

When Baianat started 10+ years ago, the main office was planned to be in the team hometown. And even when the team number grew, the plan was moving into a bigger place yet in the same city.

But as Baianat is experiencing new changes, it was logical step for the business strategy to include expansion into different governors and territories both inside and outside Egypt. 

The company started out this year with a plan for opening an office in Cairo. Cairo was selected to be the first expansion destination as it’s a dynamic environment where the team can work in different projects. The decision was also made to get Baianat closer to its partners and clients and be able to provide a more prompt service with ease of communication.

Establishing an office in Cairo will help in getting better insights into the market needs and will definitely get the team more involved in the community and surrounding environment.

The new office will operate across the same services and will maintain the same culture as the head quarter when it comes to production, client support and work mentality.

Once the preparation is done successfully, the recruitment door shall be opened for new family members to join Baianat team in design, code, and business. Some of the current team members will be allocated to Cairo office to help with the culture and business setup as well. 

While the main strategic goal was supporting our clients better, this step will bring Baianat more insights and benefits that would help in providing mature services and flourish into the market.