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Empower your business with
big data and analytics.

We will Help you to be a data driven business and use data as analytical tool through Analyze your collected data, discover meaningful insights, and give you advice to optimize your business and guide your decision-making process.

Turning numbers into valuable data.

Customer data analysis

The more you know about your customer behaviors, the more you can increase their loyalty. We will help you discover useful insights using historical data.

Sales data analysis

We will help you generate insights from sales data to set targets and forecast future sales and demands.

HR data analysis

Use both people-data collected by HR systems and business information such as operations performance in order to improve your employees’ performance.

Other analysis services

And more and more of analysis that would optimize your business such as Social Media Data analysis, Performance data analysis, Ecommerce data analysis.

We customize our services to your needs.


Our consultants will give you advice and help you answer your business questions.

Implementation of a data analysis solution.

We will analyze your specific business requirements and suggest an optimal solution for you.

Outsourced data analysis

We can help you getting insightful analytical reports and dashboards or static without worrying about how to do it. We just need your permission to access your data and we can ensure you high-quality results, safety and privacy.

Capitalizing on the power of cutting edge technologies.

Business Intelligence Technologies:

Power BI




Microsoft SQL Data Tools (SSDT)

Google Analytics

Database management:

Relational Databases:

Microsoft SQL Server



Oracle DB

NoSQL database:

Mango DB


Big data Technologies:

Distributed storage:



Data processing:

Apache Spark


Hadoop MapReduce

Programming languages:



Java script


Get started with
insightful data.