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Activate your

Let your brand out in real life and engage with customers face-to-face in events, roadshows, exhibitions, fairs, experiential campaigns and more activities that blends your online efforts with the offline reality.

Increase brand recognition

Reach a large number of audience at once. Whether it's a mall, campus or street campaign, get noticed by distinguishing visuals and communicate your messages effectively.

Build a loyal fan base

Turn regular and everyday customers into loyal fans of the brand through surprising promotions and offerings that makes top up the competitions.

Launch new products

New awesome idea? Let’s deliver it to the crowd in a creative campaigns that ensures memorability.

Accelerate your ROI

Spread the word, set KPIs and measure your brand growth both in revenue numbers, clients acquired and word of mouth.

Experiential marketing

Influence the consumer behavior and create engaging experience whether by sampling or trial campaigns.

Promotional marketing

Planning out special offerings as an extension of the experiential campaigns to keep the communication running with you community.

Guerilla marketing

Capitalizing on community engagement to create flash mops and other activities that increases your viral coefficient.

Strategizing your propaganda.

Concept and strategy

Assessing your needs and building a campaign concept driven by your brand strategy and ROI metrics.

Design and execution

When needed, we visualize the concept using 3D techniques to better study the surrounding environment and make sure it’s executed as planned.

Launch and management

Aligning with suppliers, managing the on ground efforts of the campaign and measuring the ROI.

Activating your brand