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Functional industrial

New product development

From ideas to full production execution and launch, we work closely on innovative concepts and do the necessary research to develop a product that closes a market gap.

Product upgrades

Collaborating with you to launch the second version of the product and optimize for a better user experience and performance.

Product redesign

Rethinking your current look and functionality then conducting researches to select the new materials, textures, specifications and outline the production process.

Design process that is tailored around end users.

Design research

By understanding the project specifications and the needs it's trying to fulfill, we set targets and agree on the international standards that must be met.

Brand development

From the current product design or concept doodles, we develop a brand that matches future product portfolio expansion and engages the end users.

Design strategy

Studying the different approaches of production and considering the manufacturing and tooling process to set the release dates.

Competitor research

Examining the market leaders to inspire how they overcame the product development issues and met the conceptual model of the users.

Customer research

Discovering the gaps and demands of the end customer through empathy mapping, behavior analysis and other qualitative and quantitative methods.

Concept innovation

Brainstorming and thinking critically about the product to come up with a concept that can be patented. Sketching ideas and studying ergonomics to understand where customers experience frustrations.

Product design

Constructing models of the product and coming up with a functioning prototype whether in 3D animation, rendering or tangible versions that includes the software as well.

Product optimization

Based on the tests conducted, we optimize the product manufacturing process, production costs and material selection.

Product promotion

From the package design, to website creation and product presentations, we create all the necessary advertising elements to help you communicate with your target audience.

Implement your
visionary concept.