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Explain your complex
ideas with motion

Explainer videos

We help you illustrate your product or offering in an engaging manner. Whether you are explaining a process or how-to-use videos, we help you put your steps in a story that your audience can remember later on.


Integrating motion into your website can produce delightful experiences. Whether it’s a logo animation or special icon movement, we give you the feeling needed for your interface.


Cool logo concept? Let’s animate it! Whether an app, a website or even for social media covers in a way that helps you stand out and resonates with your audience.


Summarizing lots of information into a 1 min video. Moving graphs and turning your solid startics into an interactive infographic.

From sketching to animation.

Identify Context

I this stage we answer questions like: Why we are creating this video? What is the ultimate message? What mediums will the video travel through?


Looking for specific insights that help us know our brand audience and what is the competition like. Whenever possible, discovery workshops are held together with clients and get them to know our workflow and process.

Creative Brief

We set the roadmap to our production process that warps up all the research stage and sets both the team and clients on the same stage.

Creative Development

Concepting to come up with ideas and different themes then choosing the best or trying various routes in case of not being sure yet.


Structuring scripts to help solve the audience's problems through animated characters and calls to action.

Style frame

Creating a visual representation of the approach dictate to the art direction and style for the entire project, so it’s vital that we’re all on the same page.

Voice over

Giving the video an extra flavor with a catchy voice over that matches with the brand identity.


Selecting the right tunes to evoke emotions and cope with the video theme and messaging.


We use a paper and pencil to do rough sketches then we design the whole project in frames that convey the video big idea.


At this stage, all sound effects have been added in, music has been edited, and feedback notes have been addressed and we have a final version.

Get your motion
graphics video.