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Engineering products

Instead of being surprised with product flaws, we speed your go-to-market process and place your product in the hands of the end targeted audience. Through designed testing experiences, we observe, analyze and see how your customers interact with the different functionalities.

Real inputs from real people.

Usability objectives

Before kicking of the usability tests, we outline the main objectives and goals of the process. You tell us more about the targeted segments and your business current situation.

Usability testing plan

Building on the information provided, we set a plan for how the tests will be conducted, what observations are a must and what are the possible task scenarios.

Usability sessions

Setting up the environment and for the test whether by getting eye tracking tools, session recording softwares or observation and note taking.

Reports and action plans

Generating reports, deducting the flaws and planning possible improvements for the product based on your business objectives.

Explore a wide range of behavioral patterns.

Moderated in-person

Conducting usability tests with the help of a facilitator who guides the session and answers users’ questions about the product in hand.

Moderated remote

Monitoring the participant behaviors from remote place in order to less affect their judgment and have a chance of better observing their attitudes.

Unmoderated remote

The unmoderated mood helps in collecting data quickly by planning a number of test that users have to complete while interacting with the software like ordering, calling or texting.

Eye tracking

Using an eye tracking software, we can analyze the users motion to figure which parts of the page got their attention most and place your critical content there.


Helping you figure out how easy it is for users to learn your website and accomplish tasks. Also, we measure their level of statistician and the number of errors occurred during the session.

Usability as a competitive advantage.

Improve conversion rates

Have the insights of real customers who used your product. Collect the different points of view and create an experience that millions can relate to.

Outline opportunities

Evaluate the opportunities and segments your business should be capitalizing on throughout the diverse results from the over world.

Collect feedback

We collect, classify and organize results in a manner that keeps the communication consistent and maximizes your benefits.

Enhance your user