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Videography that shows
your essene.

Supporting brands and

We believe videography should be created out of purpose not just for having an extra asset on the shelves.

Being engaging and

Memorable experiences are always entertaining and engaging so it’s not about saying your message rather than speaking to your audience directly about their concerns.

Pre production

Understanding the client expectations and defining the one core message that we need to deliver from of videography.


Setting the stage and following the pre-setted shooting script to come up with an easily composed , high quality shots.


Ensuring that the final video is ready for its main distribution channel through editing, sound effects, VFX and coloring.

Creating videos that speaks to your audience.

Setting the goal

We start by outlining the end goal of the video whether engaging the audience, promoting a new product or showcasing a success story.

Deciding core message

We outline the one core message behind the whole video production based on the business goals and the campaign.

Script to screen

Dividing the shots and setting the overall script to screen scenario including the shooting mood and places.


Customizing the video to the channel and doing the little fixes necessary for a final high quality product.


Placing the video on the planned channels and tracking iots performance.

What We Shoot

Corporate videos

that shows your internal culture, work atmosphere and daily business operations.

Internal communication videos

for your company special events and new employee on-boarding.

Tutorial and educational videos

to help spread knowledge about certain topics and teach your audience variety of skills.

Documentary videos

of your projects in progress or big events shot in real to document these moments for historical records.

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