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Translating strategies into
unique visuals.

The folks in Baianat branding team are always curious for the next design challenge. With their spirit and tools, they approach new concepts and try to match it with the different industries realities. For them, it’s not a matter of creativity, it’s a matter of how much you have read and practiced. And from their perspective, design is not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of end users perception and likability. After all, if the design doesn’t communicate with them, then it’s just some pretty visuals.

Strategy driven

We think of branding as a science. Picking colors, fonts, icons and the art style requires a strategic approach. So while working on any brand, it’s the business goals that drive the branding efforts.

Focused visuals

Clarity in design is essential in making it communicate on global levels. Adding more elements is constrained by why and how you will be adding it.

Functionality over good looking

Design is about solving humanity's problems. Creating a brand that is visually appealing is not enough for that target. Anyone can do visuals, but few can link it to the necessary functions.

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