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Growing businesses and
having fun.

In Baianat, the business team shuffles between different tasks and do whatever it takes to achieve business goals. From examining the organizational design and how the operations are being run to doing social media campaigns and getting the business out to the world.

Humans driven

Providing a product or service that meets a need is not sufficient anymore for success. Instead, we believe in creating businesses that are all built around its customers from internal communications to full production lines.

Culture First

Successful businesses are the ones built on culture. That’s why we always start with the company values, standards and atmosphere before diving into technicality in an attempt to translate its unique essence to the outside world.

Unique value propositions

We are always in pursuit of creating unique value propositions that set the business apart. This process is always fun and lets you explore your full potential. This is more than just being a market fit or satisfying a need.

Business doesn’t have
to be boring.

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