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Developers not

Walking into the geeks zone, you can easily notice that Baianat engineers are thinking holistically about every project they handle. With innovation and quality as core values, they approach challenges and question the status quo to pass the levels of creating a solutions to questioning what does it take to create a programming language.

It’s not about code

As engineers, we are always on a mission to create solutions that humans can use. Staring from basic analysis, we scale things to meet the end users expectations. During this process we contribute to the business analysis and the user experience of the project. Dropping off any bias to any technology, we select the one that best matches the project situation even if it’s not in our track. After all, users don’t need your clean code, they need a functional solution.

Planning comes first

Before jumping to code, we architecture every solution using a paper and pencil. This critical step keeps the thinking process organized, documented and helps us in better planning the project modules, allocating time and defining the critical tasks for the project success.

Deep industry understanding

Before diving into the project technicalities and technologies, we first understand the industry. See the best practices, analyze other systems and understand the functionalities that users would need so we could close the cycle logically with the business goals and develop solutions that truly solve problems.

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