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It’s all
about humans.

Baianat product designers are solution oriented players. They believe in research, testing and continuous iteration. And by capitalizing on the different design thinking methodologies, they are on a mission to solve user experience dilemmas in everyday life design.

Listen with empathy

User empathy is the first we take in creating successful products that becomes part of people’s daily routine. By adopting a customer centric mentality, we listen with care to every problem and think of how we can better introduce this experience.

Don’t assume

We are not the target audience, so making assumptions about people’s problems, preferences or dislikes could be more misleading than helpful. Instead, you need to meet real people, give them your product and let them express their thoughts.

Go functional

Creating something that looks good is easy. But mixing that with functionality is a whole new direction. When thinking of any product, we don’t aim for fancy concepts, as much as solving users problems and relieving pains.

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