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Designing typefaces
with identity.

Our team of type designers are architects of their own kind. They enjoy discovering the different forms of letters and mix between modern and ancient types to create unique ones.

Work with standards

Before creating any typeface, we need to check its weights, the languages needed and whether its for print or digital. From that brief we can get better directions and start exploring.

Sketch first

Going digital could be blocking at first, so we prefer using pencils and ink to explore possibilities and think freely before committing to a design.

Understand the human sight

Designing a typeface is a 100% scientific approach due to its relation with how the human eye interacts with surfaces. Through the process we need to consider visual balance, and visual compensation among other aspects.

Start with the basic rules

Even the greatest type designers started from the basics. Whether in latin or arabic, it's always necessary to know the roots of ancient type design before modern ones.

Explore .. ALOT.

Doing hundreds of variations from the same letter comes with benefits. Not only getting the optimum from any brand, but also having a visual library that you can refer to most of the time.

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