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The UX Map

The UX Map

UX term is now horribly misused. It used by people who say "I am a user experience designer, I design websites, and apps" no it's way more than that, it's everything, when we say UX it means What, When, Where, WHy, who, and How someone is using and interacting with a system. so, it's not just a website or an app, it's the whole experience of everything around a service or product which could be a website or an app.

Nowadays everybody is using products and devices and We don't have time to read through pages and pages of user guides to figure out how something works. We need to be able to just use it easily. Think about the last time you read a help file for an app on your phone. Can you even remember?  It sometimes feels like they read our minds. this is the UX designers job to create things so intuitive.

So how UX designers do that? is there any clear process they stick to?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because there is a broad outline of the UX process and no because it Varies from company to company, designer to designer.

So, What Does a UX Process Look Like?

The broad outline of the UX process is divided into 6 steps:







We decided to explain them in 6 chapters to make sure you get a clear understanding for each of them. So, let’s get started!


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