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Clients handbook

In today's world, there are many strange concepts attached to customer care. Some preserve it as a job requires being nice only. Some treat it as a secondary thing compared to sales or even turn customer care teams into an upselling teams.

Sadly, it's no longer done by professionals or people who have read some books on consumer behavior or branded customer care. Even some companies, present these opportunities to fresh graduates as a part time job and treat it loosely that even these newcomers don’t care about it as well.

And despite the so many books, theories and campaigns made to spread awareness about the importance of customer care, companies can still take it for granted and 

As Baianat, we have seen this gap growing bigger and bigger and even suffered from it for a while. By dealing with customers from different cultures and business sizes and reading on the science of customer care, we have come to conclude certain aspects that would contribute to a better customer experience. Aspects that range from the values that the team holds, to how customers actually feel and how companies could adopt a customer centric mentality as a strategy for growth.

This book is not a manual for how to deal with customer, neither a verbatim script, it’s just an etiquette that we love following while dealing with our partners. You might find concepts that are strange to you or you might be thinking that these are the words of books while on ground action should differ. However, if you adopt this essence, which is something affordable, you would not only feel less stressed about.

This book is about Baianat culture when it comes to customer care.


Chapter: 01