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Email marketing guide

Email Marketing Guide

“Customers don’t sign up for email – they sign up for your brand.“
Bob Frady.

We use social media everyday.This is the thing we know and although we use our emails to login we rarely remember that fact.We look at emails as a punch of spamming messages. We find it outdated, old fashioned and ancient although we say to each other “ mail to me” and we still receive our social media notifications on them. We write our emails on business cards.

We pay a lot of money to get a customized company name. We do all these efforts and eventually when asked “ what do you think of email marketing?” we say “ no, it’s interruptive”. If you believe it’s a bad practice then why you think companies still use it and esps numbers are increasing?

The problem with email marketing is in the way we perceive it. In this book we will try to show you the other good-hidden side of emails. We are going to refer to concepts and all you need to do is to dive deeper and find your custom way of doing email marketing.