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Gamers handbook 

When Baianat started 10+ years ago, we settled our mission to be changing cultures and impacting communities through authentic production. We wanted to be a great family of heritage rather than a corporate with branches. And to achieve our dream, we needed to establish a strong culture that fosters innovation and authenticity, where team credit beats individualism. 

As new generations will be joining our family, we need to make sure our values and ethics are always communicated and followed in every action.

That’s why we created this handbook to be a guide for all the new family members. So as our family grows, we hope these few basics keep everything consistent. 

We did our best trying to include everything inside this book, but we know you will still have questions. So whenever a question pops up, just ask!

We will always keep the book updated so make sure that you have your inputs as a family member as well. Use the internal system to file any suggestions or simply communicate about it to your teammates.

In the next few pages we are going to take you in a tour around to know more about our values, culture and how you can join us in our journey. We know it might seem awkward at first but once you get used to the place you shall join us.

keep in mind that you are now becoming part of a family not just a team member or the new guy in the office so read about our family culture carefully and enjoy every part of the journey!

Welcome aboard! 🙌🏻


Chapter: 01

Chapter: 02

Chapter: 04