Privacy Policy

Last modified : 04 Mar 2017

When a customer sends his/her personal information to Baianat, this means they carefully read and agreed on the terms and conditions stated in this policy.

Baianat shall be fully protect privacy of customers.

Baianat shall neither in present nor in future share or sell your personal information to any other third party for any purposes whatsoever.

Baianat kindly requests the customers to provide some basic information including address, phone number and email address in order to contact them in matters of projects. Baianat shall never reveal these information to any other third party unless with a permission from the customer, except in cases revealing such information is necessary for the application process.

Baianat has the right at any time review and improve the privacy policy and provide notification of any amendments in this post. Therefore, to keep up to with any recent policy amendments, customers are kindly requested to pay a visit to this page and check the latest edition of privacy policy. Customers are welcomed to contact Baianat call center to ask about any amendments to the policy.

Baianat takes all the necessary procedures to protect personal information and data of customers. Baianat ensures that such information are by no means by disclosed to or accessed by any third party.

All correspondences via email and fax between Baianat and customers are reserved and protected in specific records. Such records are used to follow up on customer requests and assess Baianat customer service.

Baianat keeps personal information and data of customer for a period estimated to use these information for specific purposes. These information might be kept for a longer time in case of requesting time extension or for legal issues. Personal information and data shall be deleted by the end of above-mentioned period or by an earlier request from the customer.

Baianat website may contain external links to other websites. The customer has to be informed that Baianat does not hold responsibility for these websites. In case signed out of Baianat website, Baianat shall hold no responsibility if the customer provides their personal information to any other website.

Children are not eligible to use Baianat services. People under 18 years are kindly requested not to send any personal information or use Baianat services.

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