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Baianat code of conduct

“We believe that ethics is a currency of all times and that businesses with no morals are fragile”.

Our code of conduct is the north star for everyone inside Baianat. It outlines the practices we must follow. All Baianat team members has the responsibility of reading and following the rules stated in the code and living by it. The code sets out clearly what we expect from everyone inside and underline their responsibilities.

Read the code and follow it along with other policies related to your role. Always use your best judgment and stay ethical. When asked to violate the code, don't do it. Report any concerns of violation you may have to the team leader and help us build a better atmosphere, live by our values and create a culture where we can all grow and flourish.

Pay close attention to any activity that is inconsistent with our code, policies or law. Don’t ignore any violation and help us protect our reputation because you are member of the family.

No code or policy may contain every possible situation. We expect to follow the conduct in both spirit and letter. Everyone on Baianat team must act according to our values and behave in a responsible manner.

Who is the code made for?

This code of conduct applies to remote and in home team members in order to make our values actionable on ground and influence our small surrounding communities. It is everyone's responsibility to live by the code and guide each other towards being fully incorporate.

We expect everyone inside Baianat to know and follow the code including ventures, to follow the code: team members, team leaders, suppliers, and business partners.

We expect both Baianat team leaders and members to follow the Code. Failure to do that can lead to disciplinary actions including termination of employment.

Also, we expect Baianat suppliers, contractors and clients to follow the contract terms in addition to our code of conduct. Failure to do so can lead to termination of their relationship with Baianat.

What if I have a question?

If you have a question or concern about the code of conduct, you can contact your team leader directly to report any concerns you have.

What happens when a violation occurs?

Violation happens when a team member fails to follow the code or applicable laws or ignores someone else’ failure to follow the code or pressure someone else to violate the code.

The circumstances and nature of violation will be always considered while dealing with it. However, we deal with code violations seriously. Also, if an act violates the law, it could result in fines or other law provisions.

When you are unsure about something, just ask yourself:

  • Is it legal?
  • Is is consistent with our code?
  • Does it follow the policies?
  • Does it benefit Baianat?
  • Does it feel right?
  • How will I feel about it afterwards?
  • Could I justify it to my team members?
  • Am I being fair and honest?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then probably your action is right. But, ff your answer is “no” or “ I’m not sure” to any of the following questions the you should find help. Speak to your team leader or another team member ou trust their opinion.

Modifications and changes

It is difficult to right a code that contains every possible situation, that’s why we may modify the code as necessary. When we do that, you will receive a notification of the major changes that happened.