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Guiding principles

Baianat is a cultural business. Our values and commitments drive our everyday actions whether internally or externally and keeps the brand signals consistent.When faced by ethical dilemma, Baianat team members are always encouraged to review our code of conduct and culture books in addition to reflecting on Baianat values as a guidance on how to act in these certain matters.

Our values


Authenticity is the core value inside Baianat. It guides us in production, learning and our relationships with the world. We believe we have something to give to the world,that’s why we never copy or use other create our own production that carries our souls The main value in everything we do is authenticity. We never copy or use any text, images, illustrations or any materials that are not ours in the production we make.

Every pixel, line of code or text should be fully produced inside. This is not only guarantee copyrights infringements, but also to ensure everything we produce inside Baianat is strategic and has our fingerprints on it.

Also, we believe in authentic learning. We have consolidated tracks and paths that ensure every piece of information is coming from the a trusted source so when we share it with the world, we only share something that is real and beneficial. If knowledge is like food, then we only want fresh and real ones, that’s why we commit to making sure everything we read is authentic and of value.


Transparency means being clear and honest about the big mistakes before the great successes. Honesty should be demonstrated in all aspects. When dealing with clients, make sure you provide real data about the project timeline, status or any other information required. Use your best judgment with the data provided and never lie to clients.

Everyone inside Baianat should staymainatin a transparent communication under any circumstances and in every situation including the projects in hand, the issues that arise and their relationship with clients and other team members.

Transparency doesn’t only help us create a better work environment and maintain production lines, but helps us build a better market reputation as well. It’s the responsibility of everyone inside Baianat to maintain trapsenrant to incorporate other team members as well.


Accurate information are required in our daily communication with partners and stakeholders. We respect the trust they placed in us and never provide consultation unless we are sure it's in the business best interest. In case of uncertainty or 

The principles that guide our actions


Baianat is established upon a unique culture that considers clients as success partners that’;s why their needs comes as a necessity and , everyone inside Baianat should seek the project best interest and always modify and use the most suitable techniques for the solution.

Our commitment to innovation and high quality is the driving force behind every solution we design, develop, or strategize. Everyone inside Baianat should immerse themselves in the customer experience and take personal accountability of the tasks in hand.


Authenticity, sense of initiative, accountability and self motivation are the primary characteristics that must exist in everyone inside Baianat. We seek to create conditions in which everyone feels appreciated.

Moreover, Baianat fosters a culture of innovation, where new ideas are always welcomed and teams are working collectively and freely to come up with solutions that benefits humanity.