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Conflicts of Interests

A conflict of interest may happen when the private interests of any of Baianat members, interfere with the interest of Baianat. This could be a situation in which the one of the team members or leaders take actions that makes it hard for them to perform their role inside Baianat as effectively and efficiently as expected. 

We understand that you may not realize that it’s a conflict of interest right away as business and personal interests can be easily blurred. That’s why you need to be aware of the possible conflicts of interest that may arise from both your internal or external communication. When acting on the company behalf, make sure you avoid any conflicts of interest that interfere with your business decision. 

Everyone inside Baianat should avoid conflicts of interest and situations that reasonably appear as a conflict of interest. If you found yourself in a situation in which your personal and business interests interfere, or your have competing loyalties that could lead you to choose personal interest at Baianat expense, you must declare and obtain approval before taking any decisions.

When considering a certain action, ask yourself first whether it will be in your best interest or may appear to be in your best interest or one of your family members or other businesses at the expense of Baianat. If the answer is “ yes” then you might report that action immediately and avoid it. 

Conflicts can arise as:

  • Outside employment.
  • Investments and relationships.
  • Inventions.
  • Gifts and other business courtesies.
  • Friends and relatives relationships.

Outside employment

We expect everyone who is currently engaged in an employment agreement with Baianat to be solely dedicated to the role assigned. Any offers, work opportunities or personal business plans should be reported immediately before pursuing it. 

The work, role or project offered can be both paid or not paid. When someone says:

  • “Could you put in a good word for me?”
  • “No one needs to know – you can do the work in your free time.”
  • “It will be just a favor”
  • “My nephew has a company

Be aware. These can be warning signs of a possible conflict.

Investments and relationships

Avoid making any investments or relationships with companies or individuals who are in conflict with Baianat or are considered a competitor. If you have the permission to deal with a client or a supplier, you should not have any financial or personal interest with that company or individual. 

All the business opportunities discovered through your work belong to Baianat except those agreed by Baianat. 

Inventions and products

Developing or helping to develop outside inventions or products that relate to Baianat existing or anticipated products and services, whether using the company resources or not, is a conflict of interests and may be considered a violation of Baianat confidential information.

Colleagues relationships

Avoid participating in management or any decision making process that is related to a potential or existing team member who is a relative, spouse, or friend. This includes being the person negotiating with the other companies in which the second party is a spouse, friend or relative.

Romantic relationships between team members can, depending on the work or role, create an actual or apparent conflict of interest. If a romantic relationship does create an actual or apparent conflict, it may require changes to arrangement or even termination of employment.

In some cases, there might be someone who is a friend, spouse or relative working inside Baianat. Having a personal relationship within the


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