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Political Contribution

We speak of public matters that directly relate to our business and industry. We voice our opinion to the world. However, we don’t interfere in any political matters or give gifts or donations to political parties. Anyone who is acting on behalf of Baianat should comply with these rules as well.

Governmental affairs and other  all the public statements to the media, stakeholders and the outside community should be made by only authorized spokespersons of Baianat.

Using social media

We want every player inside Baianat to be a brand ambassador in their community. You social media represent Baianat in a way or another because you are part of the team and it shows the inside culture of the place.

While you may think your Facebook account, twitter feed, instagram, snapchat ort other social media accounts are private zones, in face everything you share or like online is some degree public. And everything we do in the public is likely to be associated to our roles inside Baianat.

Future team members, clients and partners might access our personal profiles, we expect Baianat team members to be responsible enough and use their best judgment while sharing or posting to their social media accounts.

Baianat company culture is something that we are proud of and live by everyday. Sharing things that might give the wrong impression about Baianat culture, the work environment or the disclose confidential information is forbidden.

We don’t want you to say anything that could be misinterpreted or have unintended consequences.


Baianat works according to the blue ocean strategy to create new value propositions and launch new initiatives to the community. Copying existing value propositions is forbidden in Baianat culture. When we gather information about the market leaders, we do that to get familiar with what end users need.

Our competitive research should be made in a fair manner. We must never deceive competitors to get high confidential information. And in case you got sensitive data, be sure to not have it 

What we expect

  • We expect you not to make any statement on behalf of Baianat unless you’re authorized to do so and in accordance with our media and relations policy.
  • Never use your position inside Baianat to influence anyone judgment or opinion whether inside or outside Baianat.
  • Never make any political contribution to any political party during your employment with Baianat.
  • Not use any of Baianat resources to support any political party, political campaign or political candidate or any of their affiliated organizations.
  • When contacted by reports for further explanation on company matters, explain that you are not allowed to comment. In case you are authorized to do so, comply with the code of conduct and walk by the statements agreed upon.
  • We expect you maintain professional and timely communication internal or external and use your best judgment while sharing on your social media accounts.
  • Make no statement that could have a negative impact on Baianat or give a bad impression.
  • Act professionally when representing Baianat in any event.
  • Release no financial or confidential information about new products or services without approval.