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Property and copyrights

Our office, technologies, communication tools, the ideas we develop, the emails we receive and send, the vehicles we deliver, the computers and hardware we use to complete our job are all company assets that we must protect from theft, damage or misuse.

Intellectual property rights

Baianat brand is one of the company valuable assets. It represents who we are as humans working in Baianat. Any misuse of the Baianat brand assets could lead to unpleasant impressions which might reduce our equity or lead to reputation damage. By following the brand guidelines demonstrated in this code, you will help us build a consistent image for Baianat.

Baianat intellectual property rights including logos, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, “know-how” and copyrights are among Baianat valuable assets.

We record our inventions and patents to maintain them as brand assets. Any invention discovered by any of Baianat team members belongs finally to the whole team and company not certain individuals as we don’t have one man shows.

Everyone on the team is responsible of protecting our IPR and making sure that other companies IPR is respected too. While developing any product or service using content that doesn't belong to Baianat, you need to console with the legal team.

Physical assets

You’re free to use and access any of Baianat equipments that facilitate your job. However, we expect you to be responsible and not wasteful to Baianat resources. Keeping Baianat physical assets safe is everyone’s responsibility. When you protect our physical assets, you help us grow faster.

These physical assets include the office equipments, electronics, hardware, passwords and software tools. If any of these assets is stolen, lost or damaged, you should report it immediately to your team leader. Anything you create, share or download into our physical assets or systems belongs to the company and we have the right to monitor the system at anytime.

Baianat assets are not for personal use as this will definitely affect your passion, time and your colleagues work environment. You can do that in a very limited and rare cases in which you need the approval of your team leader. For example, in case you need to borrow any of Baianat equipment, like taking monitor or a camera home to continue your work or for personal projects, kindly refer to your team leader before doing that.

Open source

We believe in open source as a way for generating new ideas. We think that knowledge should not be exclusive that’s why we are committed to creating open source software development. W e re[sect others intellectual property rights and operate fully adhere to the licence under which our open source is listed.

Baianat internal system

Baianat internal system facilities that communication between the team and the clients and is considered to be  part of Baianat property.  Make sure you use your best judgment when dealing with it. In case you suspect any violation in our internal system due to losing your laptop or a network security threat, kindly report that immediately to the security development team.

What we expect

  • We expect you will comply with our brand guidelines and communication policies.
  • Report any misuse of our trademarks or copyrights infringements.
  • When dealing with third parties who will use our logo and trademark, you will be guiding them through the process based on the instructions you collected from the legal and branding teams.
  • When working on any product, ensure that new ideas or inventions are submitted for patents.
  • Not releasing the new products or features without making sure it’s protected with patents.
  • When having a new idea about a company product or service, you should first discuss it with your team leader before sharing it with the outside community.
  • You will not be using Baianat physical assets or equipments for personal, outside use, or unethical practices (such as access to – or dissemination of – pornographic or offensive subject matter).