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Welcoming the new era!

Welcoming the new era!

We believe in iteration and lean thinking, and we know that great experiences can’t be created without the input of the people for whom these experiences are made. That’s why we launched beta, so we could work together, share ideas behind Baianat with you, get your feedback, and design a better experience for (US). :)

That belief of ours, among many other principles, is what defines us. It’s our values and culture, which we gave you a hint of in the first 3 books of our culture book series, with the rest of the series to come later. We’ll also be adding more books to our online library related to the different fields we operate in, so we can share our perspective with you.

What’s cooking inside Baianat?

Moving into the multidisciplinary style made us create awesome things and think of new possibilities.

This in turn impacted our services, as we went further to support our success partners with authentic production in broader fields.

These changes also made us go bold and more abstracted with our identity and Brand towards a more functional design.

This bold identity required a unified language for how we design and code, so we developed our own design system Base, which comes with our custom font, Bont, and both are open sources for the community.

We are currently working on more free Fonts to be added to our foundry so you can enjoy yourself with highly customized fonts, that are ready for both print and digital.

And because sharing is one of our responsibilities, we created Labs to support the community through resources, open source, and many other tools created for designers, developers and strategists.

A few examples of our open source include Align, which we created to build posts in a friendly way. And for a better web experience with animations, we made Leaps to add some life to web components.

Going beyond open source, we created Ideas to contain a collection of different projects we have worked on internally such as Atlas, Abjad, and Colors.These projects started from an internal need then we felt an urging need of sharing it with the   the community so we could all collaborate on it. We will be updating Ideas regularly as once an impressive idea hits us!

We are also creating Wave, to be our smart tool that provides both Baianters and clients with a collaborative experience so they can work on projects and communicate anytime and everywhere.

You can keep track of all of this, as we add, create and update, through Backstage, which contains our work in progress and the projects we are currently working on. We also created Moments that reflect the everyday life of Baianaters.

Our Work will also be updated regularly, where we will be surprising you with a new industry journey and insights everyday so you can stay entertained and never overwhelmed. We have already shared some of them on our Behance, and we’ll be sharing more, so feel free to check out all of them as well ;)

And to ensure that you are regularly updated, we created Homer to send you weekly handpicked newsletters based on your selected fields of interest. The Blog also contains our insights and the latest hacks and trends needed for your business growth.

We also want to meet you, and planned for many Events so we could talk, share experiences and have some tea :)  Subscribing to our events will be available soon.

Because we want to be more engaged with the community and share them the journey in close, we are created a Seeders program, and its enrollment will be available soon for visionaries who want to help us spread awareness and make the world a better place. And for students, we created Ambassadors program to spread the word in campus. 

And to inspire new generations to dream more and go further with their ambitions, we created Academy with both internships and workshops for anyone who is into an enhanced learning experience.

All of this will come in an Arabic version that will be launched very soon as Baianat will be always speaking in Arabic.

And about the ventures.. 

Azda, nllo, BASB, Narx, Ords, Sellesa, Oraj, Hostox, Halx, Obka, Sbont, Blexar, RURS, Uxema, Creavs, Afad, Usdy, Tsro, Shbkat, Fwasl, Hwanm, Mojz, Nasj, Twzef, Alsfwa, Wejs. 

We are working on them currently and progressing with a plan to launch a few by the end of tis year.

We will be updating this page regularly with our recent progress, so you can live the moment with us. And if you want to help us in our iterative process, leave a comment below :)

This is just the beginning ;)