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Run Your Business


Virtual reality

We transform how your company sell, market, and deliver products or services to customers by giving your the power to take you immerse your users in 360-degree experience.

Augmented reality

Get “Iron Man' style of interactivity. Allow digital experience – videos, images, links, games, etc. to be displayed on top of real world items when viewed through smartphones or tablets.

Mixed reality

Combines the best of both virtual reality and augmented reality. virtual objects are not just overlaid on the real world but users can interact with it.

We combine top technologies and best practices to create remarkable experiences.


Gloves and suits to give your experience a sense of physical realistic feedback.

Voice recognition

Using voice commands to navigate through your virtual experience.


Open up new possibilities for building scalable microtransaction markets to exchange virtual goods in your application.


Measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and other health vitals, in order to change your virtual experience to match with your mood.

Big data and

Customer data analysis

The more you know about your customer behaviors, the more you can increase their loyalty. We will help you discover useful insights using historical data.

Sales data analysis

We will help you generate insights from sales data to set targets and forecast future sales and demands.

HR data analysis

Use both people-data collected by HR systems and business information such as operations performance in order to improve your employees’ performance.

We customize our service
to your needs.


Our consultants will give you an advice and help you answer your business questions

Implementation of a data analysis solution

We will analyze your specific business requirements and suggest an optimal solution for you.

Outsourced data analysis

We can help you getting insightful analytical reports and dashboards or static without worrying how to do it. We just need your permission to access your data and we can ensure you high-quality results, safety and privacy.


Machine learning

We empower your business with a technology that lets machines to learn from data, identify patterns and detect trends with minimal human intervention.

Predictive analytics

Go beyond knowing what has happened to predicting future events starting with fraud detection, churn management to market conditions and product sales.

Natural language processing

Understand, interpret and manipulate what humans write or say about your company and automate relevant actions.

Virtual agents (chatbot)

Push your customer service beyond the limit by offering help 24/7 with a conversational digital virtual agent on web and apps.

Speech recognition

Let devices translate and respond to voice commands and enjoy hands-free control of over your life.

Connecting artificial
intelligence to your
everyday life.

Our AI engineer will begin your journey by understanding your business needs and perform deep research and analysis in order to transform those need to AI solution.

Translating what we have reached in the previous step into AI solution that is customized and suitable for your Business Processes.

We will ensure that our developed solution has seamless integration will your existing application and implemented in a manner that delivers the best benefit.

Building a solution may be easy but making it simple and easy to work with is difficult, so offer training programs and lifetime support to get your staff started.

Internet of

The device Layer

Create sensors, gateways, and communication protocols using WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc.

The Business layer

Enhance your business processes with Logic, event processing and systems integration.

The presentation layer

Use IoT technology in mobile applications, web applications, and remote monitoring and control of interactive dashboards.

Connecting devices to
each other’s and
to the Internet.

Definition, analyze and ideate

Having an IoT Idea? Our IoT team will discuss it with you and help you transform it to a practical business case.


We develop an IoT roadmap to give you a clear picture how processes and things would be connected.


Here is where all the magic happens, Our IoT dedicated developer will start building your IoT application using cutting edge technologies.

Testing and feedback

Our IoT team will test the application for quality and reliability issues and make sure that it’s working efficiently and shares the results with you to provide suggestions and product refinement.

Robotics and

Robotics programming

Helping you automate your business processes in manufacturing and other fields through a customized industrial robot programming that works in the production process, warehouses, and almost every aspect of your business.

Robotic automation software

We work with your management and functional team, understanding technical requirements and financial targets, to advise on the best path for implementing automation services in your process.

Robotics automation consulting and training

Engineer and manage large, complex automation systems all the time. We provide temporary project managers on contract to run and manage your Automation projects.