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Consulting you for a
better user experience.

Usability testing

Examining your app/website against the subaility best practices. Making sure that your users will find it easy to navigate through the experience designed.

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A/B testing

Creating different versions of your app/website and comparing them to figure out which one achieves better engagement.

UX Writing

Ensure that every page, CTA and error message is written with regard to user conceptual models and free of jargon.

Information architecture

Examining your current information hierarchy, audienting for hidden information and suggesting page edits that makes it easy for users to access information.

User centered testing process.

Support your business goals

Get your design to driven by the business needs. Whether its edits in the contact us page or the ordering form, we conduct the necessary tests and set a plan around your goals.

Reduce bounce rate

Simplify your information architecture and use flows that guide users towards their desired end point.

Refresh your look and feel

Redesign using heat maps and analytics based audit to spot on problems and fix issues using best practices.

Revamp your online