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The game

The game

This is not another code of ethics manual, it’s definitely not this type of culture books in which we show off the great stuff we did and how we came together as a team to turn ashes into gold. This is our real soul and who we are as human beings working in Baianat, you can call us weird, bizarre or stupid. You might think of what we say as fantasies or “too good to be true things”. However we are proud of being ourselves.

If you are looking for fancy jargon and polished words you won’t find them here, we use a simple plain language, just like the one we use to talk in the office with each other everyday, something that human beings can relate to and understand without the need for business dictionaries.

You won’t find the absolute recipe of happiness or the secret nine tips for business success.

Only all of our values and principle, you will find things that you might disagree with and other things that you might fall in love with, we don’t expect that you will accept it all yet, we hope it inspires you to think different, we are giving you another perspective to think about.

This book was made for people with great ideas and dreams, take the most benefit out of it and before judging take a moment to consider what would happen if these principles were truly applied.

We are here to open our hearts and share with you who we are, what we do and how we do it, you might find yourself inside the pages of this book or not. Maybe you’re reading this book out of boredom, maybe you heard about us once and want to get to know us more (as we love to know you too). Whatever your purpose is, we hope you enjoy the talk.

Now bring your cup of coffee and let’s have a nice chat :)


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