We believe we can change cultures and make the world a better place. This objective is to be attained by producing quality products through which values are conveyed to and influencing the society

Our Vision

In our point of view, Information Technology in the Middle East is still lacking many aspects. In spite of having many IT companies, none of them is able to play a leading role. However, this leading role is no more available for Baianat is pursuing it with a real determination on making an everlasting success story.

Our Mission

Baianat aims at grasping the IT leading position in the Middle East through the following :

  • - Changing the culture of people engaged with the IT arena.
  • - Providing high quality digital solutions and products based on specific principles and planning to enrich the society with the values conveyed through such solutions and products.

YES We Can Change !



They are not just team members, they are a group of passionate daydreamers who believe deeply inside they can change cultures and add value to the society through providing quality products; giving priority to quality over quantity and values over ROI.

Join our teamwork


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